Ski Shop & Adventure Zone

Swat Valley, KPK, Pakistan

The design concept of the Ski Shop and Adventure zone relies on the multi-purposeness of the space. The roof and ground floor of the Ski shop is designed to be treated as the ground floor and basement floor of other levels thereby making full use of not just 4 but 6 walls i.e. Roof, floor together with four walls. The quadrilateral floor plan of the ski shop is aligned with respect to the surrounding walls made by natural mountain contours. Based on three floors, the ground floor of Ski Shop is dedicated to Ski equipment and accessories together with toilets, changing rooms, and reception. The first floor is a multipurpose floor which is designed to be used as communal space as well as exhibition space. Whereas the third floor i.e. rooftop accommodates open sitting space for the visitors. The architectural language of the design is inspired by the local architecture of the region in terms of its material and details.

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