Naran Kaghan Chair Lift Base

Naran Kaghan, KPK, Pakistan

Architorque’s submission for the competition project of Naran Kaghan Chair Lift Base rests on the premises of respecting and promoting the novelty of the indigenous context of Naran and Kaghan Valley. The design proposal envisions and exhibits the sum of the site as a whole by utilizing the dissecting road as a design feature, which is further aided by a ring road on the periphery of the site. The design proposal has taken inspiration from the topography of the site together with the vernacular architecture of Naran and Kaghan Valley. Therefore not only the design is following the natural contours but also respecting the locally built vocabulary. With the introduction of vertical and horizontal multipurpose staircases and ramps, designed as a landscape element, the design proposal of the project allows the tourist and users to experience the tranquillity of space and site. The informal and comfortable sitting spaces have also been carefully designed within the master plan of the project allowing the tourist to enjoy the weather and serenity of the landscape.

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