Food Court and Resturant Zone

Swat Valley, KPK, Pakistan

Architorque employs the concept of non-concentrated food facility in the food court and restaurant zone project located in the serene valley of Malam Jabba, Swat. Therefore rather than concentrating the eateries at one place, they are spread across the side on multiple strategic locations i.e.  Locations where visitors can sit relax and enjoy the food with a view. There are a total number of three eatery zones which are placed on the site. The first and second zone is located in the chair lift top providing shelter as well as serene sightseeing opportunity to the visitors. It also serves as a point from where the visitors can track high up in the mountain using the paved pathways. The third zone is located near the chair lift base. This zone is further divided into different three levels and is designed by keeping the natural topography of the site in mind. At one level of the cluster, an open and semi covered sitting space is facilitated by 8 kiosks. The second level is the transition level which connects the level one with the third and also serves as vista from where visitors can enjoy sightseeing and activities of chair lift, adventure zone and food court area. The third level incorporates open sitting spaces, kiosk and also provide panoramic view of the site from the roof of ski shop.

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