Eco Dome Resort

Magic Mountain ( former Green Valley) Swat Valley, KPK, Pakistan

The Valley of Swat in general and the peaks of Malam Jabba, in particular, attract a heavy influx of local tourists every year. Where the tourism industry serves as one of the key sources of livelihood for the valley, it also poses a great threat to the natural and serene environment of the area. Therefore sustainable tourism is one of the key design concerns of the project. The Eco Dome Resort is a consolidation of Eco Dome prototypes. The Prototype comprises of two levels i.e. Ground-level and Lower Ground Level. The ground level harbors a wide deck for sitting and dome interior space containing a bedroom and bath. The lower ground level, carved in the topography, is dedicated to sitting and relaxing. The prefabricated Eco Domes are carefully placed on the natural topography of the site. The master plan is thus an amalgamation of intricately designed pathways connecting the Eco dome prototypes in form of a neatly woven web. Eco Dome prototypes are composed next to each other, on the site plane, in a manner that they do not disturb each other’s privacy and also do not hinder the magnificent views of the valley. The master plan also includes communal spaces for sitting and preparing meals. Golf course and amusement park are one of the few prominent design extensions planned on the area located next to the resort thus providing extra and aided tourist facilities for the visitors.

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