Station Renala Khurd, Okara, Pakistan

Architorque‘s design for the Corteva Agricsienece Research Farm is based on experimentation of a space that can be used as an office building, research lab, learning space as well as space that allows its researchers, workers, and officers to enjoy the serenity of Renala Kurd fields. Therefore the three main functions of the research farm i.e. Offices, research, and experimentation, have been closely knitted in one building unit with the help of consecutive & repetitive design patterns of open and close spaces complementing each other. The building provides spaces for office work with the help of offices, IT room, working office space & conference room. The learning spaces in the shape of a small auditorium & multipurpose hall has been incorporated into the building design. Labs, Labs offices, screen houses, glasshouses, and field area has been provided inside and outside the office building as per their working requirement. All these spaces have been facilitated with the help of essential amenities such as a kitchen, guard room, and toilet. The use of local material i.e. Brick has been mainly employed in the façade treatment of the farm with bold lines to mark the presence of the building surrounded the fields and crops.


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