Condominium House

Paragon City, Lahore, Pakistan

Life with all its experiences and challenges is evolving drastically in the metropolitan city of Lahore. The people of Lahore, native as well as those who are migrating are facing a convoluted urban situation. A situation in which every square foot of land holds great value thereby fabricating housing as an expensive commodity. The ever evolving urban culture amidst such urban situation is also redefining the issue of privacy within the domain of family life. Condominium house is a design addressing the evolving social and spatial relations within the domain of urban housing. A design response to the challenges of urban situation and culture Condominium house harbors individual units sharing common amenities such as kitchen, garage, lawn and communal room. The individual units equipped with basic spatial facilities for living are exclusively possessed and are the private domain of a family member. The shared amenities by retaining important social and spatial function in its realm ties and satisfies the communal need of family members.

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