904 – C

DHA 9 Town , Lahore , Pakistan

904-C is a 5 Marla residential unit located in IX Town, DHA, Lahore. Located in the newly developed housing colony on the south of the city, the area provided an opportunity to explore the venues of the novel residential culture of pre urban Lahore. The house thus is an amalgamation of modern urban lifestyle and traditional cultural notion of “family” space.

The house is vertically divided into two levels. Where the ground floor facilities both private and social spaces and the first floor is solely dedicated for private family activities.

An important design concern is to get rid of the feeling of “congestion”, which one usually experience in 5 Marla houses of Lahore due to area constrain and demanding facilities nexus. The design of the house thus incorporates “vertical visual well” in the interior space and connects living room space with drawing space visually to achieve the design objective.

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