EME DHA , Lahore

376 –D is a 1 Kanal house located in EME DHA , Lahore Pakistan. The house grows vertically to respond to the challenge of providing sufficient spatial facilities in limited area provision. The Basement floor mainly caters to the guests. Drawing, Dinning, Guest room together with ample storage and house help accommodation is provided in basement. The ground floor facilities the day to day activity and family life of the residents with the help of 02 Bed rooms, Kitchen , multipurpose space to be used for sitting , eating , watching tv and socializing. The first floor accommodates 03 bedrooms, a small kitchen, living room and a contemporary terrace.

The form of the building is a synthesis of past, present and future. The form and façade is designed so that the house can identify itself with every era and thus can’t really be identified with any one particular time. The building especially with respect to its form and material used i.e. brick, fare face concrete, power coated steel, and is paradoxical in terms of its identity.

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